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Issued from 2014.

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AuthorArticle titleYear, issueDownloadings count
1Pavel N. Biriukov[Россия]The Administrative Law in Poland2014, December1247
2Pavel N. Biriukov[Россия]On the Offenses Committed by Migrants (Voronezh region)2015, March1226
3Elena S. Lisitsina[Россия], Olga S. Nadolinskaya[Россия]Legal Responses to Falsification of Socially Important Information in the Media2014, September1215
4Ekaterina A. Khalapyan[Россия]An Jurisdictional Function of the Customs Service of the Czech Republic2015, March1197
5Olga D. Karnaukh[Россия]Forms of Peasant Public Self-governed Administration (case study: Black Sea Province). Historic-legal analysis2014, December1185
6Alexei S. Semynin[Россия]Europol and EuroJust in the Fight against Political Corruption2015, March1172
7Ekaterina P. Klimenko[Россия]Legal Regulation of CIS Activities in Their Commitment to Combat Epidemics2014, September1171
8Olga D. Karnaukh[Россия]The Features of the Implementation of the Urban Reform in the Second Half of the XIX Century in the Black Sea Province: Historic-Legal Analysis2015, March1171
9Anastasiia S. Makarenko[Украина]The Topical Issues of Sentencing in Ukraine2015, June1146
10Boris V. Zmerzliy[Россия]Change of Approaches for Issue of Ship Driver Certificates in the Russian Empire in the Beginning of XX Century2014, September1128

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